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Boca Health is designed by nutritionist and food scientists who understand that good nutrition leads to good health. Good health leads to long term weight loss. Our nutritionist will review your lifestyle, environment, and goals in order to tailor a program specific to you. We want to help you achieve long term health and wellness. Although our approach is long term, you will achieve an immediate effect of weight loss, reduced swelling, and more energy.

We congratulate you on taking the first step on the path to achieving your ideal body weight. Our staff is dedicated to helping you improve the quality of your life by achieving optimum health and wellness through weight loss and continued maintenance of your ideal weight. We at Boca Health understand your weight loss needs and look forward to helping you meet your weight loss goals.

Some Truths about Weight Loss

There are many different factors that are involved with weight gain and weight loss which is why so many diets fail to achieve long term results.

Unless you address the contributing factors associated with weight gain than only short term and unsustainable weight loss occurs. With most diets, lean muscle mass is lost and when this occurs the metabolism decreases so that when the person goes off the diet, they tend to gain the weight right back causing a yo-yo effect with their dieting.

Boca Health offers programs that work quickly to address the underlying causes of cravings and hunger. When we eliminate cravings and stabilize your metabolism, we create balance which leads to weight loss without hunger. This metabolic balance creates long term lasting results. We work with every client individually to evaluate, educate, motivate, and provide support so that every client has the tools needed to finally meet and maintain their ideal comfortable weight.

Patients lose an average of 20 pounds during their first month of treatment!

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