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Boca Health, whic is the premier physician supervised metabolic and medical weight loss clinic offers a decided advantage to other methods of weight loss. For Boca Raton, as well as for many other areas in South Florida, the basic approach to weight loss, eat less and exercise more simply doesn't offer the results that you need.

The health care professionals at Boca Health understand that some medical conditions which are part of our lives can be a dramatic hindrance to our weight loss efforts. Physicians at Boca Health assist in the evaluation of your problems and in devising a program of weight loss that is workable for you.

Many people lose more muscle than actual fat when dieting. This is due to an industry which offers a vast array of bad information at every turn. The people who come to Boca Health are desirous of losing inches and losing fat, not losing or jeopardizing their lean muscle. The focus of our team of physicians and health care providers is that you will see the progress as quickly as possible and you'll begin to feel the effects that healthy weight loss can offer you. The BioSpace body scan will give you a detailed analysis of what you have to know about your body makeup.

Yes, of course the “eat less, exercise more” approach may in some cases be an effective way to lose weight. It may also help you to even keep the weight off for a time. The problem is that it is not effective for everyone and when it comes to taking off the weight and keeping off the weight, you may need a little more.

The advantages of a physician-overseen weight loss methodology are self-evident. The state of the art medical equipment, the highly-trained staff & specialized weight loss personnel are just a few of the reasons why medically based weight loss clinic methods are going to offer you the best weight loss methods and the best results.

Boca Health recently unveiled the hottest new diet to hit South Florida: the Boca Health Diet. The Boca Health Diet is a revolutionary new look at weight loss and good health. It is overseen and your health is monitored by medical weight loss physicians and the diet is customized to fit the individual weight loss needs of each of our clients.

 The Boca Health Diet, contrary to the HCG diet, includes breakfast and snacks, has a higher calorie diet and a higher protein intake.

The Boca Health Diet is extremely safe, and results in greater weight loss than the HCG diet. Furthermore, because of the extra calories and proteins in the Boca Health Diet, patients are encouraged to work out for an even greater weight loss.

Patients lose an average of 20 pounds during their first month of treatment!

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