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West Palm Woman Sees Success With New FDA Approved Diet Drug

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Posted by Miranda Grossman / CBS12 News
PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. -- It's the first FDA-approved diet medication in 13 years. Only on the market for 6 months, a West Palm Beach woman is seeing success after dieting most of her life.
"I'm no longer obese after all these years of struggling." 
How did Pamela Eidelberg loose 33 pounds in 18 weeks? Qsymia the first new diet drug approved by the FDA in over a decade.
"MY BMI was 35 point something. The official gauge for obesity 30 and now I'm below 30. I'm 29 percent BMI," said Pamela Eidelberg.
Two unique aspects of Qysmia has the 51-year-old West Palm Beach resident singing it's praises since it hit the market in October of last year. 
"It takes food for me out of the equation. I have to think about to eat."

"The phentermine is released immediately to control appetite. The topiramate is a unique extended release formula which means it releases slowly over the entire day," said Marc Schlosser, M.D., Boca Health, LLC.
Board certified in obesity medicine, Dr. Schlosser also says that combination along with another first...which is long-term use unlike previous diet suppressants safe for only a few months at at time...makes qysmia unlike anything taken before.
"There isn't weight regain because the patient can stay on the medication long term," said Dr. Schlosser.
And that could have a huge impact on the obseity health crisis in this country. Especially for Pamela who's battled her weight all her life trying just about everything from weight watchers even gastric bypass surgery in 2001.
"You can really take it, he said, for the rest of your life. So I really feel like I'll be able to reach my goal this time," said Eidelberg.
"This the first time the FDA really has recognized obesity as a chronic condition that needs long term treatment," said Dr. Schlosser.
With 4 different doses to adjust the medication for long-term use, it also keeps the already minimal side effects low like:
"QSYMIA: Mild Side Effects"
1. Dry mouth
2. Dysgeusia- Metallic taste when drinking carbonated beverages
3. Tingling
Dr. Schlosser says clinical trials show a decrease in the following medical conditions:
"QSYMIA Clinical Trials: Decrease in Medical Conditions"
1. Diabetes
2. Blood Pressure
3. Sleep Disorders (Sleep Apnea)
4. Cholesterol
Only halfway through her weightloss program, Pamela says already Qysmia is making a difference in her life.
"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels. And that is so true." 

Qsymia is covered by some insurance providers. Vivus also has discount programs available to help defray out-of-pocket costs that can save patients up to $150. CLICK here to learn more about the drug.

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