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Boca Health Brings Medical Weight Loss to Miami


Dr. Randye Karmin, medical weight loss expert, joins the Boca Health team.

Miami, FL – April 2011— The effectiveness of the Boca Health diet has led to an increased demand for Boca Health weight loss clinics throughout South Florida. In response to this great demand, Boca Health is excited to announce the opening of a new weight loss center in Miami, FL. At the helm of the new facility is Dr. Randye Karmin MD, FACOG, one of Florida’s leading doctors in the field of medical weight loss.

Karmin, a board certified gynecologist and graduate of the University of Florida College of Medicine, has spent over ten years providing medical solutions to patients struggling with weight gain due to postpartum, menopause, and other metabolic concerns. Dr. Karmin and Boca Health medical director, Dr. Marc Schlosser, have worked together to bring the tremendously successful Boca Health Diet to the residents of Miami. In addition to Boca Health of Miami, more practices are expected to launch in South Florida.

“I made the decision to partner with Boca Health because I wanted to help patients transform their body and health and give patients the tools to keep the weight loss off permanently,” shares medical weight loss physician, Dr. Karmin. As with Boca Health’s other two Palm Beach clinics, the Miami location specializes in medical weight loss, nutrition and the Boca Health diet, assisting patients who suffer from weight issues caused by underlying causes such as insulin resistance, low thyroid levels and hormone or vitamin deficiencies.

New patients to the Miami weight loss clinic will undergo a series of tests including a complete body composition analysis, a physical exam, and complete medical history, all of which are analyzed by a weight loss doctor in order to develop a customized weight loss plan for the patient. Those who are interested in a medical solution to losing weight can schedule a free evaluation by calling 305-670-0002 or visiting Miami’s new Boca Health facility is located at 7400 N. Kendall Drive, Suite # 404 in Miami, Florida.

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