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Boynton Beach Welcomes New Medical Weight Loss Center


Boca Health, the premier physician supervised metabolism and weight loss center specializing in medical weight loss, nutrition and HCG diet, is pleased to announce the grand opening of a new weight loss center in Boynton Beach, FL. Boca Health is expanding to meet the increasing demand of individuals seeking relief from underlying medical factors preventing weight loss, such as insulin resistance, low thyroid levels, low testosterone, low estrogen, low vitamin D, and low IGF1.

For those who have not found success with “traditional” approaches to weight loss, like cutting portions or exercising more, Boca Health offers a medical solution for losing weight permanently. “We understand the frustration our patients feel when they hit a roadblock in their weight loss goals. Our team of experts medically analysis each individual and creates a custom plan to remove these roadblocks.”, says medical weight loss doctor, Dr. Schlosser.

Boca Health helps patients achieve long-term weight loss through the use of customized medical weight loss programs that include personalized nutrition and fitness routines. The advantage of a medical weight loss center is evident, from the medical equipment, highly-trained staff to the specialized weight loss physicians.

At Boca Health, the team of highly-trained bariatric specialists use medical tests and their expertise to help formulate customized weight loss plans. Unlike the common fad diets, the physicians at Boca health treat weight issues as a medical problem, allowing patients to lose weight in the healthiest and most effective way possible.

Schedule a medical evaluation with a premier weight loss doctor today by calling 561-939-0360 or visiting Boca Health’s new office is located at 10151 Enterprise Center Blvd, suite 202 in Boynton Beach, FL.

About Boca Health:

Boca Health is a premier physician supervised metabolism and medical weight loss center with a unique approach to weight loss, for much of South Florida. The team at Boca Health understands that eating less and exercising more doesn’t work for everyone. In many cases, there are underlying medical conditions that hinder or completely stop the weight loss process. While concepts such as the South Beach Diet pop up each and every year, it is medical weight loss clinics like Boca Health that help the everyday person become healthier without the hype, and with all of the necessary guidelines.

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